Here we go

Hi everyone,

So, I finally decided to put this project public. Been working on this title since around March 2017, and it's coming around quite nicely. In essence, The Sixteenth Promise will be a mini-version of the usual point-and-click game theme, except it won't host any inventory and items  that can be picked up (at least I haven't thought of when writing this). It will simply be a casual game, meant to be enjoyed by people appreciating the artwork and the music.

The Sixteenth Promise explores the subconscious mind and will hopefully deliver a thrilling experience when released. At time of writing, there are seven characters and six scenes that are (somewhat) fully functional and playable. As progress goes on, I'll update this blog with various info. If you're interested, keep an eye out on this blog or go to or check me out on Twitter for more info regarding the project. 

Thanks for reading!

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